Social Media Mangement

A big struggle for most small businesses is finding the time and information to compellingly engage your target audience and fans on social media. There are several ways we help make it possible for you. Here are three good ones:

We allow you to be you

Why don’t you get back to doing what you love – running your business! Don’t get bogged down in the time consuming task of creating social media content, graphics, videos and photos, engaging your audience in conversation, and responding to social media feedback. We can cover all of that for you so you can do what you want to do!

We make your company social

Social media is exactly that – social. It’s a conversation. It’s people talking with people. You can’t think of it as a place to advertise or promote your product or service. That’s secondary. Getting to know your audience and relating with them will drive a lot more attention to your brand than targeted ads will.

We Develop A Long Term Strategy

If, “Oh, crud! I forgot to put something on facebook” is a usual thought for you, we understand! Many organizations plan to utilize their social media outlets, but often get so caught up in doing business that they just don’t get to it on a consistent basis. Ramp Media will draft up a plan that will cause your posts to hit with certain strategies at certain times. You won’t even have to think about it!